Michael Ou


Michael Ou is a FinTech entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about blockchain security. Michael owns a 17 year old banking security solution company, which was originally founded by his father, that helps 50+ banks in 30+ countries protect their users’ assets. With his family’s years of expertise in building display cards for Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay, Michael witnessed the growth of the traditional finance framework. When Michael first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, he foresaw similar evolutionary path for cryptocurrency’s infrastructure. Equipped with traditional banking security background along with passion and vision for the crypto and blockchain technology, Michael decided to start a company that fully focused on the efforts to help crypto space grow.

In 2014, Michael founded CoolBitX, a blockchain security company that presented the world’s first mobile hardware wallet, the CoolWallet S, which transformed the world’s expectations of hardware wallets. The CoolWallet S offers unparalleled ease of use with utmost security offered in the industry. Combining the security of cold wallet, and the ease of use of hot wallet, CoolWallet S provides mainstream the highest standard wallet to manage their crypto assets. CoolBitX has sold over 100,000 wallets worldwide under Michael’s leadership, as well as notable partnerships and investors such as Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation, SBI Holdings, Bitmain, and Midana Capital.

Michael is also a pioneer figure in the blockchain space. Specializing in the innovative use of blockchain technology and smart cards, Michael was awarded and recognized over time for his contribution in the industry – 2015 Entrepreneur Star, 2016 Medical Blockchain Top Award, 2017 Innovation Gold Award, as well as 2017 Meet Neo Star. He has also spoken in front of thousands of people at blockchain events, including Litecoin Summit, Asia Blockchain Summit, and NEO Star.