CoolBitX’s Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Now Supports Gemini Dollar (GUSD)

The CoolWallet S provides GUSD users with secure storage and mobile app functionality via Bluetooth connectivity

CoolBitX, the Taiwan-based blockchain security company and creator of the first mobile hardware wallet for digital assets, and Gemini, a New York based cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, have announced that the CoolWallet S will support Gemini dollar (GUSD). The wallet, which looks and feels like a credit card, offers cold storage and mobility through bluetooth connectivity — allowing users to access their GUSD holding via Android or iOS device pairings. It will also be the first to automatically load and make GUSD available to users, streamlining the experience for GUSD users.

“This is a major milestone for CoolBitX, given Gemini’s focus on providing users a safe, secure and regulated cryptocurrency experience that is easily-accessible to users that are new to crypto or inexperienced,” said Michael Ou, CEO of CoolBitX. “CoolBitX was founded on these very same principles, and we’re incredibly proud to now support the first regulated stablecoin in GUSD on the CoolWallet S. Not only can GUSD users now easily manage their holdings securely, but in the years ahead we hope to make daily commercial transactions with GUSD via the CoolWallet S as simple as using any other form of NFC payments technology.”

With the integration, CoolWallet S users can not only store Gemini dollar on their wallets but can easily acquire GUSD right from the mobile app via Changelly. While other hardware wallets on the market today offer secure storage for a variety of digital assets – including other stablecoins – the CoolWallet S is the first to leverage Bluetooth connectivity to provide an additional layer of security and convenience for cryptocurrency users. Unlike traditional two-factor authentication mechanisms, with bluetooth-enabled devices the user needs to have both the mobile app and hardware wallet on hand in order to execute any transactions. This makes it near impossible for malicious actors to hack the wallet and deprive users of their GUSD, but without sacrificing the convenience and transactional exchange capabilities of the wallet itself. 

”We’re very excited that the CoolWallet S will support the Gemini dollar. We believe GUSD will be instrumental in the continued evolution of transacting value on the blockchain and we’re incredibly encouraged by its adoption by key players such as CoolBitX”, said Sarah Olsen, Gemini’s Head of Corporate Development. 

GUSD is currently available on more than 60 exchanges worldwide, and all CoolWallet S users can now manage their GUSD holdings without restriction. For more information on GUSD, please visit And for more information on CoolBit X and the CoolWallet S, please visit and, respectively.

About CoolBitX Technology Ltd.: 

CoolBitX Technology Ltd. (CBX) is a Taiwan-based blockchain security company and creator of the firs mobile hardware wallet for digital assets. CBX leverages the power of the blockchain to return personal data to the individual and foster a more secure and empowered future. Founded in 2014 by Michael Ou and backed by investors like SBI Holdings and Bitmain, CBX specializes in the manufacturing of U.S.-patented digital asset hardware and developing smart contract platforms for millions of global users. In 2016, CoolBitX introduced its first generation wallet, and released the CoolWallet S in 2018 – the world’s first credit card-sized hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Horizen, and ERC20 Tokens. Currently focusing on AML and regulation compliance, CoolBitX is paving the path towards cryptocurrency mass adoption. For more information on CoolBitX, visit

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